My Story


Growing up as an artist it has always been in my DNA to express myself to the absolute fullest. I really love dope T-Shirts, so while out shopping one day I finally came to the conclusion that no one really creates unique shirts. Most clothing companies either follow trends, doing too much or just not doing enough. Don’t take my word for it; go to the T-Shirt rack of your favorite clothing store and see for yourself.

I’ve always loved minimalist style and design, from furniture to cars to artwork. It grabs the viewer’s attention, not with details but with contrast and crisp shapes while still getting its point across. Minimalist designs, when combined with T-Shirts, make a perfect marriage of eye-catching art with thought provoking messages. A conversation starter, a question, a thought, an idea, a billboard, a piece of art–a well-designed Tee could be all of these, and then some.

Real Thread and MEAHT